Historical Thinking Matters

On the Historical Thinking Matters website, I selected the Rosa Parks student investigation option in order to navigate through the website. This investigation consisted of examining primary sources, such as the police report that was filed against Rosa Parks in response to her sitting in a section of the bus designated for whites only on December 1st, 1955, and answering questions regarding the source at hand. This website, was hard to navigate through, especially given the fact that you had to create an account in order to answer questions and be more engaged with the website and its contents. There were also some instances where the website would crash, making it harder to complete my work effectively. Looking through the website, I also noticed that it wasn’t being maintained in the sense that the website isn’t being consistently updated. Lastly, there isn’t a button on the website that allows you to easily go back a couple of pages, one would have to consistently keep clicking the back button in order to go back to the page that they need, which further emphasizes the idea that this website is very confusing and hard to navigate through. The Historical Thinking Matters website is an archive website, as it provides the audience with primary sources and a collection of other documents to read and answer questions from.

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