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A definition of history, which was commonly seen in our history textbooks throughout grade school, can be the study of past significant events, people, places, and things. However, history is highly subjective. Thus, there is no one correct definition of history, there are many. History is not only the study of important events, places, people, and things that have happened throughout centuries, but, the practice of investigating, asking questions, and conducting research on almost anything and everything. In addition, history involves an attempt to comprehend the human experience throughout time. On the other hand, digital history is the process of presenting, documenting, and communicating historical data through digital means. Furthermore, it involves the evolution of broadcasting information using various forms of technology throughout time. For example, through the use of radios, information regarding World War I & II was transmitted to the public to help inform the masses.

Entry 1: The Mysterious Pre-Columbian Settlement of Cahokia

Cahokia mounds
Monks Mound, Cahokia 1882

This entry grabbed my attention because of my interest in early civilizations. Not only did the title pique my interest, but the picture (posted above), also had me wondering how people of this civilization cultivated their land at such high altitudes, and at a slope. I find it astonishing that through the practice of history, such records of communities/civilizations like Cahokia could be rediscovered and shared with the world through digital media. I would like to have a deeper understanding of the “multiethnic” communities within the Mississippi Culture, and how unity was achieved to build a successfully populated civilization.

Entry 2: The Propaganda of World War II Comic Books

An illustration from the cover of America's Best Comics #11, November 1944
“America’s Best Comics #11,” November 1944

What grabbed my attention from this article is how powerful the tools of digital media are in our culture and society. It amazes me how something as generic as comic books was used to persuade the American populous to follow a political agenda. I would like to have a deeper understanding of how our government utilizes these digital media tools to influence our everyday lives. I find it fascinating that the Writers’ War Board and the government were able to create a positive impact on our current world by causing an uproar against fascism, through the use of digital media.

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